Parent's peace of mind / Teenage driver

To all who take the time to read this;
Good afternoon, I'm the father of a 12 and 2 y/o daughters, my oldest will soon be getting her DL. After reading posts like 'speed warning' & 'remote starts'. Here's my idea:A BIOMETRIC FINGERPRINT SCANNER. The purpose: the onboard computer will record the age of driver & the engine will not go over 5 miles over the speed limit if it is a teenager behind the wheel (between 16 & 19 y/o). How would this work: the technology already exists, the scanner could be placed on three diferent locations, keyholder start button, engine start button or door handles. FORD could have control on programming the onboard computer to list the authorized drivers for the FORD vehicle, having the options of -any/all drivers authorized, -only authorize mom, dad, son, daughter, -other that your company might think of; and it'll be at this point that DOB will be placed and of course the fingerprint on file. Since I have 4 years until my oldest gets her DL, I thought to put this idea out there. You have your research team and engineers. Hope this idea helps.
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Jake J 07/15/2012
Good idea, but it seems very expensive.
Becky N 06/08/2012
This is genius, for real.
Diane 05/16/2012
What about a way to control teens and adults from texting and talking on there cell phones when driving. You would plug your phone in and if a call or text came it, your phone would send back a message of "this person is driving and is unavailable right now."