Parental Control

Several product in the world are now offering parental control features, TV, Web etc but what about cars? Yes some costly after market system can be installed in your car to track your kids driving behavior but it isn't for every one. So here's the idea:

What about a Rookie Key, like the Boss 302 Track key its usage would modify car parameters like, engine power & speed, throttle response and top speed. While disabling the possibility to disable all safety system like ATC & TCS. This key would be transforming your powerful SUV or Car into a safe car. It would be protecting your teenagers from their immature behaviors.

This seems pretty controlling, well it is. But it could save so many young lives. Don't forget, boys will be boys. As a teenager, first thing I did when I got a chance to drive my dad's car was to push it to its limits wherever they were. So many of my friends wreck their parents car when they were young and believe me, it wasn't while safely driving.

I can easily imagine insurance companies providing costumer rebate for young drivers on such equipped family cars. It practically sell itself off, doesn't it?

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art h 10/27/2012
I like this idea