parental control

I have an inventive idea and I'm to poor to do anything with it, so please feel free to take it and make millions. I'm talking about a gps controlled Governor I call IT the parental control option. With speeding ticket cameras being installed in the usa why not create a way to solve the problem head on. and a parent can control their teen's driving habits without worry.Just like the gps warning system you can merge to incorporate a way to control every different speed limit to the governor. I'm not a mechanic I just thought it would be way to keep from getting a speeding ticket. I do own a Ford Van E350 and love it.
Marshall W 10/28/2013
I dislike the idea of a governor. There are legitimate times when a little excess speed might be necessary to save a life. Time such as avoiding an accident, evading a criminal, helping with a medical emergency. I would prefer that the cars existing technology be used to record and report back to the owner when the car is driven too fast and for how long. Then the parent can take appropriate action. If the child gets a speeding ticket, that is a learning experience.