OEM Fog Lights, and winch for Raptor

By Tim G.

Adding fog lights to the Raptors bumper will give you more lower light on the road, and to the side of the road. With that added light you will be able to off road more safely, plus it helps from having to add extra wiring, and frees up one auxiliary switch. The Raptor is about the only 4x4 truck that has no OEM fog lights. Also, add the fog light On/Off switch to the factory light switch.

With an OEM hidden winch up front, you can pretty much go anywhere with the Raptor. That will make it the best OEM off road truck on the market. Most customer don't want to modify brackets, trim bumper parts, and run wiring when it can come from the factory already installed. Another idea is to add 0/1 gauge wire to the rear of the truck with a male/female OEM connector to add a multi-mount winch to the stock tow hitch.

Add any of those option's and I will buy another Ford Raptor.
Gary 01/05/2012
I just bought a 2012 Raptor and was surprised when I realized it had no fog lights. I found an aftermarket fog light kit. I am afraid it might interfere with air flow. A factory engineered winch mounting system would be an option I would take advantage of.