To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to you with an idea for new cars.  I hope you will take my idea into consideration. Now this would be separate from the cruise control.  What if one could set the car not to go faster than the speed limit?  It would be programed like cruise control but if you step on the gas it will not go any faster than the set speed until you turn it off.  You could still brake a usual and nothing would change in driving other than one would not be able to go over the speed set at that time.  The cars now have the sensors for backing up and now getting to close to something going forward, so why not for speed.  I hear it all the time, from family and friends “I got pulled over for going too fast”  “I got a ticket for speeding”  “The camera got me” this could help people drive safer. I hope I explained my idea so you can understand it, and I thank you for your time. I drive a Ford, and I don’t think I will ever drive anything other than a Ford! Thank you again. Penny Darwish
John Z 08/12/2014
It would be handy to have in towns and cities. You can set a max speed and could just keep it at max within town. 

The safety of this would need to be evaluated. It could be turned off with a button. I struggle to think of a situation where the best thing to do is accerate rapidly before hitting an off button. 
Carter A 12/09/2013
not being accelarate can be very dangous in emergency situations. Also, if people want to go faster, they will go faster.