No Text Allowed

I have a 1999 Ford Taurus & everytime I turn the call on fully the radio goes out. I think ther should be an option when buying to have a feature of when the car is turned on that all cell phone signals cease. The car if it detects distress will then allow cell phone usage. It is something that can be marketed to insurance as another safety feature especially with teen drivers. And with drivers for companies to ensure safety for their clients and the company it self.
Lauri E 11/25/2013
I think this is a fantastic safety idea.  My idea was that, when the car is turned on, some sort of low electro-magnetic pulse could be sent out from the area of the steering wheel which would prohibt cell service for anyone seated in the driver's seat - or front seat period. Like cell phone kryptonite.  Other passengers could use their phones, but not the driver. Think of how many text and drive accidents would be avoided.  It is becoming less legal to use your cell phone to even make calls while driving, this just helps to enforce that.  If it really cannot wait, pull over and get out or turn the car off. 
Britt S 03/21/2013
It would take a hug amount of RF, radio frequency, shielding to prevent signal, so it would not be cost effective. They do have the next best thing, SYNC, which allows hands free phone call and texting via bluetooth technology. The only trick is getting people to use it.