No phone zone

My idea is that Ford installs a feature in their vehicles that would disable all phones in an operating car except for the use of 911.     When a person starts their car,  then all text messages are all haulted until car is turned off.  People can't be distracted if they know their phone's activities are stalled while car is in operation.   i don't even call it "texting" , I call it " phoning" while driving is becoming a huge safety issue all over the country. Every 30 seconds and accident occurs by distracted phoning drivers.  No phone call or text message is that important.  This feature would be a huge asset to any vehicle and as a mom of 3 young drivers, I know I personally I would seek out a vehicle with this feature.   
Another idea I have is to install a breath detector in vehicles so that if the operator is intoxicated  they can't start a car!   An operator must breath into device before turning the key.  Simple features like these would save so many lives!!!!