no more honks!

By Matt D.

My car is a 2013 Focus ST and I live in a climate where I occasionally have to brush off and warm up my car. However, unless I leave my Intelligent Access Key in the car while it's running, every time a door is shut the car honks twice. For instance, I climb in, start the car, and climb out. I close the door and the horn honks twice. I open the back door, grab my snow brush, and close the door. Horn honks twice. I scrape and brush it off, open the back door and toss the brush inside. Close door, horn honks twice. There is a tone sounding inside the car when I leave, telling me that I've removed the IAK, and a message on the message display telling me the same. That is plenty for me to be aware that I'm driving the car without the key, the honking horn only wakes my neighbors in the morning. Please, Ford, send an update that disables this ANNOYING feature!
Chuck 09/16/2014
Every time my wife opens the passenger door on my 2014 Exlorer Sport before I have a chance to open my driver's door, the car honks twice. Yes, it annoys me and I want to turn it off!
Dan N 07/24/2014
Just traded in my 2012 Focus for a 2013 Taurus. Couldn't figure out why anyone would do something so idiotic as have a car honk on purpose...not once but TWICE? We truly are becoming a nanny state. 
Mike 07/02/2014
I agree, my 2013 Flex honks twice when the driver is sitting in the car with the fob, it is shut off, and any passenger door is opened and shut.  Just like when your wife pumps the gas, it honks twice.  When the kids get out to run inside the house to play video games, it honks.  I am not leaving the running car, I am sitting in a vehicle that is turned off.  Ford dealer hasn't heard of this issue. 
Rick 06/16/2014
You can thank the Feral Government for this wonderful (non-user selected) innovation. Ford is just getting in front of the 2015 regulations requiring the notification of a driver leaving a vehicle that is running. Design for the lowest common denominator, our constituents can not be allowed to think for themselves - that is the G-man Way.
Cyrus 03/16/2014
I completely agree with all the comments - this is a Total nightmare - it constantly wakes up my children - can we Please turn this off - it's a totally stupid and pointless feature that adds 0 value.
Jennifer K 02/22/2014
I have a $55K+ 2014 Explorer. I am speachless that this function is not selecatble.?!??!?
Van T 02/12/2014
You have to be kidding.  Did a search thinking there must be an easy way to disable this feature/option.  I can't belive there isn't a way to turn this off.  I agree.  very anoying and disruptive in many situations!!
Todd J 02/08/2014
I have a remote start installed on mine, and so of course I have to set reservation mode and then get out and the car shuts off, but not before the annoying 2 honks, but thankfully atleast my alarm I can silence! Please do make a fix for this, it's extremely annoying for me and my neighbors, especially since I work 3rd shift!
Alex J 01/30/2014
Please, please disable or make it user selectable!  I don't need a reminder that my key is in my pocket. 
Steven S 01/18/2014
I have a 2013 Fusion and also live in a cold climate and my car lives outside. Going out starting the car then wanting to scrape the windows the stupid car honks twice and drives me nuts... Or if I go to the Atm and want to leave the car running for the AC in the summer for my girl sitting in the car as soon as I get out and close the door "Honk-Honk". I'm smart enough to turn the engine off when needed and don't need reminded of it. This needs to be an Owner config.
Brad 01/13/2014
Please make this a user selectable setting! Very annoying. My only real complaint about this car.
Heisenberg 01/13/2014
FordNobody benefits from this issue. This is an annoyance that we should be able to turn off.Heisenberg
Susan R 01/06/2014
That workaround is too complicated. Just turn off that horn.
Bruce P 12/08/2013
I agree, very annoying.  We should be able to disable this!!!
Paul K 10/05/2013
This needs to change and should be user selectable. I shouldn't have to come in and out of my car and have the horn honk every time. The only way I've found to get around it is to leave your key fob in the car. Not a good idea for everyone.
Isaac F 09/21/2013
Kurt that's smart thinking on your part, but like you I'm hoping Ford is listening. Constantly turning off your car and restarting it can't be very good for it either.
Ford Social 09/10/2013
Hi kurt s,

We love your suggestions.  Keep them coming!

Ford Social Moderation Team
kurt s 09/03/2013
Found a workaround!!!
(1) Turn the car off via the ignition button.
(2) When completely off, press Lock and then the Remote Start button on your keyfob twice.
(3) You can now step out With your key and the vehicle will stay running (for the programmed remote-start time - 10/15 mins).
This changes the mode from normal running to remote start. But... the engine still runs and the heater will warm up the car. You can even re-open and close the car door multiple times without any beeps!
(4) When ready, return to the Escape and press the ignition button to switch into regular running mode.
kurt s 09/03/2013
Does Ford monitor these suggestions?  Or is this just a place to let us blow off steam? ;)
kurt s 09/03/2013
Why isn't this programmable... like many other features are?  You could make it programmable via the dash-menu or such.  I have this same gripe!
Isaac F 09/02/2013
My 2013 Explorer Sport honks twice when I'm still sitting in the car with the key and the passenger gets out. Why does my car need to notify me that the passenger got out? I'm still in the car with the key! I'm crazy about my new ride, but I really hate this feature. Surely there's a way to turn it off.
Stephen D 08/27/2013
This drives me nuts too.  I stop at the mailbox (in the rain) to get the post, get out, close the door HONK HONK.  Get the mail try to open the back door to put it in with my other stuff - door is now LOCKED, unlock the doors, open the back door put the post in and shut the door HONK HONK, again all doors are locked, unlock the doors and get back in.Whose dumb idea was this?  Can't we just have a nice gentle bing bing or some such?
Andrew K 08/09/2013
This is really annoying for those of us in Winter climates. Turn the car on, step out to brush the snow off only to have it honk at you like crazy.

Ford, please disable this or make it a configurable setting. Thank you.
Ty S 03/09/2013
We've owned two Nissans with keyless entry, the cars gave a slight beep letting you know the key was no longer in the vehicle. The honk woke my 3 year old daughter right after she fell asleep for her nap. I wasn't very happy about it and neither was she.
Laure H 02/27/2013
Past two cars were Nissan, both equipped with Intelligent Access type keys. Neither car made the *Honk Honk* when I exited the car with FOB in pocket while car is running. Unnecessary feature, and the inability to turn off this feature makes FORD look stupid. Come on, FORD, listen to your customers! (...i.e. splash guards...)
George T 02/23/2013
I hate that the horn honks when I exit the vehicle with the car running with the key fob in my pocket.

I went to the airport to pick up my daughter yesterday. I get out of my car and close the drivers door to help her with loading luggage - the car honks. I go around to the rear passenger door and put her bag in the back seat and close the door - the car honks. I open the passenger front door to help her in and close the door - the car honks. The guy in the car in front of me was getting really annoyed at all the honking (as was I).

There has to be a way to turn it off. What's the point, anyway? To tell you your car is running without the car in it. I think I know that. And it's not like I'm trying to lock the car.
Giles B 02/22/2013
Only the STs made after mid October have this feature. It REALLY annoys me.
I hate that these engineered solutions to problems that do not exist actually cause ones that are real.
Eric R 02/22/2013
I agree 100%
Dylan T 02/22/2013
I would really like if the horn didn't beep beep everytime I shut the door, I'm sure my neighbors would love to agree with me! haha
Andy W 02/22/2013
I had a Mazda CX-7 with keyless start and that car would go nuts when you left the car running and took the key out, beeping like mad. This was a very annoying feature.
When my partner got a 2012 Ford Explorer Limited I was so happy to see that Ford had found a different solution. I can see absolutely no reason for the horn to honk.
It is my understanding that the purpose of this feature is to keep someone from driving away without the key in the car. However, the message in the message center and the loud warning tone are certainly going to alert the driver that the key is walking away. The driver may then use their judgement as to the best way to get the attention of that person who has the key, if necessary.
At the very least, make this a driver selectable feature via the message center.
Matt D 02/22/2013
I would gladly accept the ability to turn this feature off, even if Ford wants to deliver the car with it turned on. Please make it a configurable setting!