No Child Left Behind

One of the jobs I do is to write blogs for attorneys. I am always searching the internet for news and during the summer months I have read at least 5 articles where children have died because they have been left in the car by their parent. My idea is that some kind of sensor or voice message could be put on the car for families with car seats. This would remind the parent before they leave the car to check for children being left. With all the technology already out there I believe something could be done to save the children and the parents from heartache. Thanks
Lorraine T 06/24/2013
I think this could be modified that when weight is sensed the lights flash and horn hocks when you lock the car.
Randy E 01/27/2013
I drive School Bus, on the new buses when you shut the vehicle off you have to walk to the back of the bus and press a button, if you do not the horn blows and all the lights flash. A similar idea could be done where if the back doors are open or weight is sensed in the back seats, you would have to press a button after shutting the vehicle off. Of course this button would have to be out of the reach of the driver when seated in the driver seat and most people would find it annoying, especially with older kids.