New traction system for all Ford vehicles

By Alex M.

When using traction control in modern vehicles, the traction control usually will transfer power to the wheel that isn't slipping, but I think that Ford should be the first brand to come up with a traction system that can be turned completely off using on/off button, transfer 100% of the vehicle's power to the wheel with traction when needed, and maybe an electronic limited slip differential for Ford vehicles with solid axles that can send up to all power to the wheel with traction. I think that this sort of system should also be installed on all wheel drive or four wheel drive Ford vehicles as an option. I think this system should be standard on all two wheel drive vehicles but optional on all four wheel drive and all wheel drive Ford vehicles. I say this system should be optional on all wheel drive or four wheel drive vehicles because buyers may want the regular all/four wheel drive systems on their vehicles. I think this system can be efficient because it can probably easily get you out of a difficult situation. Please comment and take this into consideration.
art h 12/23/2013
I was confused by your idea. when the traction control is on it regulates which weel gets power and applyes the brakes to the wheel that slips. By turning it off than it doesnt do anything and allowes the driver complete control. Ford offers electronic locking differentials as well as limited slip. I also believe you can get those options on 2wd trucks as well.