It would be great if the car makers would make classic cars with the identical look of what they were back in the day but with modern technology. Ford sort of tried this with the Thunderbird with its elenth generation in 2002 that was a failure because the car had nothing special about it. Ford was banking on its name recognition and psuedo-retro look to make it popular and profitable. If it had something noteworthy (375 hp, 40 mpg, etc.) then it would have succeeded.

Manufacture a cars with fully modern suspension, engine, brakes, etc., but with the perfect appearance of a 1957 Thunderbird or 1964 Mustang. Same for the classic trucks.
FRANK V 08/05/2014
Bring back the Continental MK-IV coupe about the size of the MKZ. The grille alone will sell thousands of cars for Lincoln. Chrome its about chrome and Style.. Frank Sinatra can sing the song The Continental for the commercial.  Frank Visco. Phila.