By Nick M.

Its simple really, Super Duty's tow trailers and campers and haul our family. There needs to be a Latch system in all Super Duty rear seats. Its not even expensive to add or engineer. Come on guys, help us out!
Ted B 01/30/2014
I beleive he is talking about the Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (L.A.T.C.H.) Restraint System. I just dropped 60K+ on a 2014 Superduty Crew Cab Lariat and it does not have these awesome little hooks in the seat bight. This has really upset me as I bought this vehicle because many of our family trips involve towing. With a new addition to the family my old regular cab didn't have room. It only made sense to me that one of Fords most expensive vehicles would have this very simple design. My 2004 Escape has them its 10 years older and a third the price. Big overrsight here and looks like it has been for a riculously long time.
Marshall W 10/28/2013
What does the Latch do? Your idea is not very clear.