National Motor Vehicle Next-Of-Kin Registry

Ford should ensure that law enforcement officials nationwide have the resource necessary to quickly access a motor vehicle owner's emergency contact information, that will help law enforcement save lives and alert family members in the event of a tragic crash.  Specifically, this idea is for Ford to team with California Law Enforcement and Ford Dealerships to design a workable point-of-vehicle-purchase process for voluntary registration of vehicle owner emergency contact information in a national law enforcement motor vehicle next-of-kin database.
Ramsay M 09/01/2013
This is low hanging fruit for Ford Motor Company. Easily accomplished by Ford getting on board with California Assemblyman Steve Fox's Motor Vehicle Next Of Kin Bill - AB 397
Jeff D 08/30/2013
This is really important! I'm a California peace officer and I've responded to many tragic crashes involving critical injuries and fatalities. We have nothing to connect the crash to family contact information and end up doing a manual search of the vehicle for any leads, driver's license, cell phone, to help identify family members. It can take hours, sometimes days, to determine family contact information. This idea appears to suggest Ford dealers allowing Ford owners to voluntarily register their family contact information in a national database enabling law
enforcement to get family contact information linked to the vehicle identification number in seconds. This should have been in place years ago!
Roger L 08/27/2013
Whichever car company is first to adopt and support this solution will make a huge safety score with consumers. It is so rare that consumers actually feel that their car company is looking out for them and this is one way Ford could achieve that objective and burnish an already impressive safety reputation.
Carmela W 08/26/2013
I got a law passed in Ohio establishing a driver's license # next-of-kin registry because I didn't want other Ohioans to ever hear about a loved one dying after a car crash the way I did. My 23 year-old son, David Christopher Money, was critically injured in a car crash on August 7, 2006. The way I found out about David's
crash was not police, but rather a hospital chaplain telling me over the phone that my only child was dead. The emotional trauma of being told is very devastating no matter what, but being told in a timely and proper manner would cause less trauma. Ford and it's dealerships have a corporate social
responsibility to act on this idea and implement a process so law enforcement nationwide have access to a vehicle identification number next-of-kin registry to quickly access family contact information that will help them save lives and alert family members in a proper and timely manner.
Marianne T 08/24/2013
This should be a no brainer for Ford Motor Co. Law enforcement and Ford dealers working together to solve a heart wrenching problem plaguing crash victims and their family members.
Betty D 08/23/2013
The concept of Ford dealerships registering family contact information in a national motor vehicle Vehicle Identification # next-of-kin database when buying a car is life-saving idea. On Sept. 24, 2007, my 19-year-old daughter, Sara Dubinin, was seriously injured in a car crash, but before I could be notified (an hour and half after the crash occurred, and by a friend, not the authorities), Sara slpped into a coma and died at the hospital the next day. I transformed my grief of not being by Sara's side (perhaps she would have not lapsed into a coma) into creating Sara's Law which established a DL# next-of-kin database through New Jersey's Motor Vehicle Commission to help police locate and notify family more quickly. Ford needs to act on this idea immediately to help police Nationwide save lives and alert family members following tragic car crashes.
Ramsay McCue 08/22/2013
This is a life saving idea. It will go a long way to helping police reunite a crash victim with their family in a timely manner at a critical point of need. I've heard it taking days for police to identify, locate and notify family that a loved one was killed or seriously injured in a crash. That's totally unacceptable. This will provide peace-of-mind for families and crash victims. Ford should act on this idea immediately.