mustang all wheel drive

I think it would be very helpful if Ford would make their new mustang all wheel drive.  I realize it is more expensive but you are losing money in all the places that get snow because they don't want a rear wheel drive car.  I also realize that it takes away from the performance so I had some ideas of what you could do.  You could make it a package so all the people don't need to get all wheel drive.  They can only get it if they want it.  You could also make it be able to shift from rear wheel drive to 4 wheel drive.  I believe these changes will make the public happy and make you more profitable because you will be hitting a bigger market of people.

Colby S 02/12/2014
Interesting idea! I do think that possibly by adding the technology they could in theory raise the market to other more northern states/countries, but people buy mustangs for the rear slippage, the thrill of pushing the straight aways, the iconic rear wheel car. It might offend a lot of car heads by making the mustang too mainstream.