multi-purpose horn tone

By Jon D.

Every auto has one, but how has the auto horn been developed in the last 100 years? Often in urban traffic a driver may wish to prompt a fellow motorist to put down the mobile phone and take advantage of the green light...a loud blast would be effective but a softer prompting would work as well. For instances where a loud horn blast would seem excessive or even dangerous; where a polite prompting would work as well as a rude blast on the horn...I give you the multi-purpose horn. Press the button lightly to produce a polite but audible prompt, or more firmly for a more urgent demand. One horn button could give both tones, or as on my sterring wheel there is already a left and right button. A radial dial could progamme progessively more agressive tones into your horn and tones could be downloaded like a phone. Suggested tones..a gentle chirping to the noise the morning alarm makes. A snoring sound effect for somebody ignoring a green light...the kid from The Simpsons."Har Har"..John Wayne " time to mosey along Pilgrim" or from the Robocop movie " Move along citizen or there will be trouble".
 People are often reluctant to use the horn for fear of seeming rude, hastey or for fear of prompting road-rage. Specifically for considerate drivers, polite drivers and probably not for the F150 option list or for any Audi vehicle. Probable cost under $50.