MKX needs Front Sensors

By B W.

MKX is a lower front end design that needs factory installed front sensors when pulling up to curbs or concrete stops.
This is a 50,000.00 vehicle and has all the bells and whistles but NO FRONT SENSORS.
Also it needs to look like a $50,000.00 Vehicle. The MKX, MKT, needs distinction from the EDGE with some nice lines on the side of the vehicle, like Cadillac ans BMW.
Almost bought on tgheis year after you finally redesigned the terrible headrests of the past years. But could not spend that kind of cash on the cheapened look of the sides on those vehicles or No front sensors. Otherwise I LOVED IT!
Please help me to buy one next year by changing this.

Verna L 12/20/2012
I agree with the front sensors. The 09 MKS I traded in for this 2012 MKX had the front sensors, Why not the MKX??? They were very handy to have.