MFT Back up Camera...

Provide the MFT models with the module to allow Backup Camera installation for the factory camera. I recently purchased a 13 Taurus and was told that the only way I could get the factory camera was to pay $1000 and have it run through the rear view mirror. It would seem to be much cheaper and easier if the camera module was available even if it was available through the dealer parts and a easy plug and play add on. This could be a easy and relatively inexpensive way to fully utilize the back up camera function of the MFT system.
Britt S 03/21/2013
Don't see why it can't be done, that's the way they did it on the 2013 Focus Titanium. The MFT module should already have the connection for the camera. It would just need to be installed and activated by the Ford service computer.
Larry Vance 01/15/2013
Would be a great standard item on all SE Model vehicle Lines