Make heated seat controls accessible!

By Dg C.

The control knobs for the heated seats in my 2012 Focus SEL are in a dangerous place!
They are so far back on the console that they are hard to find by feelor touch! Forget it, if you are wearing a winter coat your you have a coffee in the holder, you'll have to take your eyes off the road to find them, and I do!
There would be plenty of room ahead of the shifter or even on either side of console..... there are lots of options! This car's interior appointments are very poorly designed! No "Better Ideas" here!
Samuel J 03/20/2013
I love where the heated seat controls are, and so do all of my customers. As a salesman, keep them where they are. In fact, I would love to see the Explorer, Edge, and other vehicles where you can control them only through MFT to get independent heated seat controls.