Maintaining Night Vision - dimming

By Tom B.

Bright console lights allow you to easily see console (Speed, instruments, etc.) but on dark nights with unlit roads, too much light inside the car hurts your night vision. That's why the dimmer switch was created for the console. However on my 2012 Ford Focus SE it doesn't adjust brightness of the MyFordTouch panel which remains the brightest thing in side the car. Perhaps this can be done with a software change?
Paul D 12/03/2012
Tom is spot on. ANY bright interior lights are a hazard on dark, unlit roads.
Chuck 11/05/2012
Totally agree. Hopefully at least the designers put the hardware support in such that it CAN be done. My guess is that one thing that would not have been natural or likely is that the module could "see" if the headlights are on or not - possibly making it too dark during the day. Still though, an adjustment is important for the reasons the previous poster cited.
SCOTT R 09/28/2012
Absolutely, the dimmer switch needs to operate all manner of dash back lighting including the multicolor 'mood' ligting in all the cars.
Paul M 09/18/2012
I noticed this on a rental Focus SEL I drove recently. It was really annoying that I couldn't dim the two LCD displays in the car.