the world we live in today is filled with smart technology from, computers, televisions, cell phones and cars. but when will we have a smart car with LIFE SMART TECHNOLOGY. Life smart would saves lives, because it would not allow a cell phone, smart phone or any type of phone to be used, if the vehicle was in drive or in motion. This capability would be in the internal computer of the car, that would send off some sort of jamming signal that would disable a cell phones signals, so there would be no way to text and drive, or talk and drive, only 911 calls could be made?
Brad B 02/17/2013
Hey Carmen H. ! I agree with you. There are way too many distractions just in the normal course of driving without in the influence of tech-no toys in the car being used. Just last week two kids died when the car their parent was driving lost control. The driver blew a tire when the driver ran off the road while using a cell phone. I like your idea.