Life Alert

By Tony B.

Vehicle monitoring system integrated into all vehicles that will alert owners/and or rescue to either a child or animal mistakingly left in any unattended vehicle that could rapidly overheat causing fatality.

It seems with all the technological advancements in automotive technology and monitoring systems, it wouldn't be that difficult or cost prohibitive for the vehicle to monitor whether or not a child or dog had been inadvertantly left in a vehicle that was unattended and rapidly heating up.  I believe at least 36 infants had died this past year due to this type of avoidable situation.

A vehicle "should" be able to determine if such a life form was in a vehicle, and by monitoring the increase in tempurature inside, could perform a variety of prohibitive and possibly life saving automatice preventative procedures.  Since nearly all people have cell phones, perhaps a text or emergency call "from the car" to the owner could easily be arranged.  The car could be remotely started and air conditioning turned on.  If all first response measures were unanswered or ignored, a 911 could go out initiating a rescue to the affected vehicle.  I think all attempts by electronic means to advise the owner/operator of such a possiblity should be attempted prior to a 911.

Police K-9 units should all be equiped, and the departments would not hesitate to have the added protection in case one of their valuable dogs were inadvertantly left to overheat.

With all the computer assisted features currently contained in most vehicles, it seems it should be fairly inexpensive to add some software and monitoring device to determine if any living, breathing entity was left in a locked car in hot conditions that could result in death.  A variety of counter measures could be implemented to effectively eliminate the possible death of a child or pet left unattended.

It doesn't seem to be a stretch to combine all existing features such as cell, Gps and emergency response into your vehicles that would effectively eliminate the possiblity of accidental death. 

You are re-branding Lincoln, it seems to me that the "typical" Lincoln owner would be more than willing to upgrade to that type of option installed in any new Lincoln.  Not to mention all Police Departments with K-9 units.

Just my thought, seems to me this type of tragedy with all of our existing technology could be easily avoided permanently.