LED Flatpanel windshield replacement.

Replace windshield with 4K led flat-panel HD display. This display would have night vision capability to assist driver at night and in fog or hvy smoke, etc. Vehicle exterior would have sheet metal covering area of windshield providing additional protection from hard objects striking or penetrating vehicle. Software additions could provide additional enhancements to vision under all conditions including navigation and sat. viewing. Could include traffic camera views of problem areas with alternate routeing suggestions. Rear view and side views programmed into the system. Could include voice activation for panel operation to maintain hands on wheel theme.
Andrew B 09/29/2012
I agree with Matt, there are too many variables. Not only that. But most cameras have a delay from what they're seeing being delivered to the screen. It is an awesome idea though
Alan T 09/27/2012
I'm supposing the camera needs to be pannel shaped, somehow. However, I suspect this is more amusing that practical, but inovation rocks, all ideas are potentially good ideas. :)
Matt L 09/19/2012
This sounds both expensive and risky. What if something covers the camera lens? What if the camera lens is broken by road debris? What if the HD display shorts out? The driver would suddenly be left "blind", potentially at high speeds. While it would be pretty futuristic and cool, I think a more realistic approach would be the augmented windshields with the screen built into them - not replacing them.
William B 09/19/2012
I forgot to add that the panel would be 3D giving you depth perception without the glasses.