LED Daytime Running Lights

The latest fad by automakers seems to be putting white L.E.D. daytime running lights around the headlights on vehicles.  This does not really seem to improve the safety of vehicles, but seems to be more of a fashion statement, and not a very cool one at that.  So far, Ford hasn't gone quite as overboard with this as some of the other automakers such as G.M. and Audi.  I hope and request that Ford buck this trend and leave the L.E.D. lights where they belong, on theater auditorium floors and airplane aisles.  I don't want the same technology on my Ford that is being used to direct me to the nearest exit.  Let's stop this uncool trend.
Stephen H 09/03/2014
DRL's are a legal requirment in Europe and Canada
Walt C 09/01/2014
I partly agree. I don't like the overboard lighting by some manufacturers but I also like having L.E.D. daytime lights. To me, L.E.D. lights at 6K degrees are easier to see than regular headlights at 50% providing a greater margine of safety. Add daytime lights but keep it simple. I added two 8-L.E.D. horizontal bars in the grill of my F-350 Super Duty. I like the way they look.