Email Questions: Hello.... This idea came to me while I was in Cape May New Jersey's Victorian Week. Every one is walking around shopping, eating and having fun, while there car alarms are going off, mostly due to close paking spaces. But no one is turning them off, because they dont know its there car so these car alarms keep beeping and beeping off and on all day long, and many differant cars at the same time. Very annoying! We then went to a resturant which had a waiting list and they gave us one of those black round disk things, that when your table is ready, it will start flashing a red light to alert you that your table is ready. A light bulb went off in my head! ..... why cant a car manufacturer make this same technology in your car remote key! so you would know its "your" car alarm that is going off, if you are out its viewing distance. This would not only allow the car owner to get to there car area faster to shut it off but will also allow them to be a witness to a theft sooner. I feel it would be a very useful standard option. Thank you, Nancy P. Allentown, PA
Ian Barnes 10/13/2011
the technology is there,my boat alarm sends me an text to tell me if has gone off. It may just come down to the $ factor