Keep the 4wd engaged

1. On 2011+ Explorers, if you engage the 4 wheel drive through the Terrain Management turn knob and then hit "ok" on the steering wheel to acknowledge that it's engaged (let's say for the snow/ice mode), THEN a few minutes later you pull into a gas station to fill up that explorer (thus you shut the car off), when you restart the car, that 4wd setting should remain engaged (it currently does not). The driver should not have to re-engage the 4wd to snow/ice mode. For safety purposes, just govern the speed of the car at 50mph while in snow/ice mode so that the driver knows to turn it off when the road conditions allow for faster speeds (4wd is no longer needed).

brad a 01/05/2013
Agree with all above
Smith C 12/28/2012
I agree that something should be done about this. It is not only a problem on the explorer but also on my F150. You turn off traction control, turn on tow haul, etc, and have to do it again evry time you shut off the engine. I understand it is probably a safety issue but it seems that it could just give you a reminder and then you could reset or not.
Tod B 12/24/2012
That is a great idea, I concurr completely.