Improve F150 Reverse Lighting

By Dan M.

I am a longstanding owner of Ford vehicles and a stockholder. My recent purchase was a 2012 F150. This is my first Ford Truck and I love it! After experiencing the truck since April, there is a much needed improvement needed in the backup/reverse lighting. While the lighting may prove to be adequate for the younger eye, it is not adequate for me and likely others. Is there something Ford can do to improve the lighting for its current and future customers?
marty g 10/21/2013
I agree 100%.I have a 2011 F150 and couldn't agree more.The reverse lights are terrible.I think the lens in the tail light should be larger than the skinny little strip that's there now.Also a higher wattage bulb too.Hopefully the 2014 or 2015's get a change in the light design.Thanks
scott c 02/01/2013
This is my first Ford also and i have great eye sight and i have to ride the brakes in reverse to see anything. This is a very poor and unsafe design for backing up. Im very suprised any manufacturer would allow this. But besides this and a hard to reach dipstick i really like the truck so far.