First of all I would like to say that I’ve own/driven a Ford auto/truck all of my driving life, except for three years when I owned a 57 Chevy back in the 60's.

With all the road rage and anger out on the roads today, I was wondering if Ford could incorporate a secondary horn, which is much quieter than the standard horn. When you are sitting at a stop light or driving in a parking lot this horn can be used to alert the driver in front of you or pulling out of a parking space in front of you without being so annoying loud that it upset them. The purpose of the quieter horn is to break their chain of though and bring their attention back to their present situation, such as “the stop light has turned green” or they are about to back into your car.

The horn could be as quiet as a low volume chirping, binging sound or something in that manner and activated by a thumb button on the steering wheel.

Thank you, and If it is not a FORD it is not worth driving
J. Harley M 06/29/2013
Not a bad idea, but I think there are more important items needed - like better mpg! Move the darn headlight switch up out of the way!(my knees are killing me!) More trunk space/opening space! Backup camera standard!