HID headlights for Fusion

My idea is HID headlights offered for the Fusion. HID lights are brighter and use less energy than Halogen. They are standard equipment on the 2014 Mustang but not available even as an option on a vehicle that is completely new and a World Car.
Paul L 07/14/2014
Ive been waiting for Hid or at least Led as seen on the euro Mondeo. The one option to make the car complete. That and a larger 2.0 or v6 sport edition.
Ted 06/03/2014
HID a fat chance on Fusion? HID are bling? Yeah, whatever.  You may want to tell that to Chrysler, Honda and Mazda to name three. Beyond that, new Chrysler 200C offers HID as an option along with a V6/AWD pairing.  Ford has some soul searching to do.
joernyc 07/26/2013
I want to purchase a new Fusion but the lack of hid is holding me back. Hoping for it on the 2015 model.
Raj S 04/30/2013
HID Headlights on Escape Titanium ... Why not on Fusion Titanium ???

I'm in the market for a new car & really looking to buy Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium within a month. I would really like to see HID Headlights as an Option on SE & Standard on Titanium. I can't think why FORD would have HID headlights on Escape & not on Fusion. It is not the looks but it also adds the safety feature & better visibility.
I would like to see an option to get those factory installed as if one does get HID installed from someplace other than Ford it would void the Warranty.
Any info regarding this or honoring the request will be greatly appreciated.

Randolph T 02/23/2013
Anyone who has driven a car with original equipment HID lights which put out a bright white, even, far projecting beam knows that HID lights are about visibility and safety, not about "bling". The factory color temps of around 4100 Kelvin is what I am talking about and what some people are apparently unfamiliar with. I own a 2000 and 2004 Lexus which each have the HID lights and they are superior in every way to the standard headlamps in a 2006 vehicle that I own. The "bling" lights are the blue and purple lights with 6000K or higher.
Kurt G 02/23/2013
Many cars of main stream market, as well as SUV and CUV's are offering the HID headlight. If AWD on the Fusion is only available on the Titanium then irritate the market and have the HID as an option on the Titanium. Practical shouldn't be a luxury. Some of us live in rural areas and need more light!
Richard M 02/20/2013
HID Headlights on the Fusion should be a viable option. Not for vanity or looks, but for SAFETY. HID healights project a truer and whiter light which is much better for night driving. All of the cars in the Fusion class of vehicles offer HID headlights as part of a trim level or option package. Please Ford, put HID lights on the Fusion Titanium. I am in the market for a new car, want the Fusion Titanium Hybrid, but am considering another vehicle due to the lack of HID lights.
lewis_medlock 02/12/2013
HID headlights on a fusion...? fat chance......its a camry fighter, not a wanna-be blinged out 'Benz. keep drinking the kool-aid that says 'you will see better, i promise', but the main driver behind the love affair with HID lamps is that they give the owner of said lights a sense of superiority, ie, "my fancy lights are better than yours".......Sorry, no need for them in the Fusion.