HID Headlamps on Fusion

I'm shocked that after redesigning the Fusion from the ground up and promoting it as aggressively as you are that you're not offering HID Headlamps on the 2013 model.

I've had HID in my Edge since 2011 and I don't plan to step backward into anything less. Please at least add HID's to the Titanium edition in Job 2 or else I'll be looking elsewhere. Thanks.
Britt S 03/21/2013
I think HID's should be STANDARD on all top trim level models and should be an available option on base and mid line models. It's all about safety, and HID headlamps increase the driver's visibility, which lessens the chances of collisions, period.
Curran F 11/16/2012
I had my heart set on the new 2013 Fusion, but I refuse to spend the money without the option for Xenon headlamps!! Unfortunately I am not a fan of the Lincoln version. For a fully loaded AWD Titanium I could easily be in an Audi A4 with HID headlamps standard. Common Ford, we were able to get HIDs on our 2011 Edge. Please offer them on the Fusion so we can stay a Ford Family
Dustin M 11/12/2012
I agree, I am absolutely shocked that there isn't even the option for this... let alone LED lamps either... I mean even the new ACCORD has them... ugh