HID for Fusion

By Kris X.

I applause the positive results from the "one-Ford" strategy.  I voted with my wallet and purchased a 2013 Escape last year.  The High Intensity Discharge headlights was the main reason I paid extra to go with the Titanium model.  I am once again in the market for a family sedan and am seriously considering the Fusion Hybrid.  Although I am pleased with the standard and available safety features, the lack of High Intensity Discharge headlights makes me balk at my final decision.  In my opinion, High Intensity Discharge headlights makes a night-and-day difference in night-time driving, and I consider it a practical safety feature.  With the popularity of this feature and the market pressure from your competition, I am quite sure that the omission of this feature is not an oversight but a marketing and product planning strategy.  Adding this feature during mid-life cycle refresh will likely be welcomed by those considering the vehicle at that time.  The negative effect is that, it is going to alienate those consumers who, like myself, are considering the vehicle at this moment - not 2 or 3 years from now.  Please keep in mind that all the other vehicles I consider as Fusion's competitions come with High Intensity Discharge headlights either standard or at the least an optional feature.  I would really like to take advantage of the "Employee Pricing" that is supposed to help make the decision easier.  However, I'm yet able to convince myself why I should give up one of the top priority items on my checklist.

I would like hear from Ford the solution to my dilemma.  Please consider that if I commit to another Ford vehicle, both vehicles within my household will be Ford products.  I will be in effect advocating for Ford.  Please make sure "one-Ford" stays as a corporate strategy, and does not turn out to be my household vehicle count.