Headrests - Ensure the driver can look out the windshield

I am a short person (not quite "little;" 5' 0.5"), and when I sit in your cars to where I am comfortable w/ the pedals and steering wheel I cannot look out the windshield because the headrest forces me to look between my knees. I know your cars have advanced since I've driven one (2010 was the latest I've driven), but I'm not sure they've advanced in this regard. I understand that for most drivers who don't have the seat upright, having the headrest jut out is a safety feature. However, for those who need the seat to be more upright (posture or height issues), having a headrest that way is AWFUL. Please ensure the headrest is vertical no matter what position the seat is in.
Frank S 10/18/2012
So true! I wonder why Ford forces these crazy headrest into the market? I know they use some of Volvo´s safety technology, also, and Volvo is crazy about their -hit me hard from behind- headrest. Probably not completely bad, but please, remember there´s different drivers sizes!! Same goes for the new Steering wheel - pedal relations, if you are about 6 feet tall and drive in any new ford, it´s either enough room for the legs and your arms not long enough for even touching the steering wheel, or you can reach the steering wheel but sit way too close to the pedals! Even with the available adjustable pedals. (I have a better seating position in my 96 Marquis than in my parents 2006 Marquis with adjustable pedals). Whats all that about?? (Would love a recent Mustang, but not without a telescoping steering wheel!)