Head Rest Redesign - Less Forward Tilt

Ford needs head rests that do not tilt forward in all their vehicles produced since at least the 2009 model year! They are painful on the neck/back!

I am 5'4", so I am not an unusual size and should not encounter and have not previously encountered issues with seats fitting me.

I have read online that many people are encountering this problem as well, both men and women, since the recent safety law passed which requires that 2009 vehicles have head restraints that are within 55 mm (or 2.2 inches) from back of head.

However, the tilt of the headrests is much less than that required by the law (for me it is negative!) - making the seats very uncomfortable. Speculators believe Ford does this to boost safety rating/sales at expense of daily driver comfort. My 2000 Sable falls well within the law's requirements, yet is very comfortable.

Reclining the seat back is not a solution as my arms aren't long enough and head is still in strained position.

Even the new adjustable head rests in the new Taurus are not helpful as in their neutral position they are still set too far forward.
Mark R 08/18/2014
We have a 2007 Ford C-Max and the head restraint is acceptable with the seat design. However the new Fords all have the "solid" head restraint that distorts the neck position and so makes it uncomfortable, especially for those like my wife with a bad back.
Hence I won't be buying a new Ford either, unless they do something about it.
teresa mcmillan 06/27/2014
I love my 2014 focus exept for the head rest, what the heck people
Julie 05/22/2014
I have the adjustable headrests in the 2012 Mustang, and they are still too far forward, even in the farthest back setting. There seems to be no way for me to get comfortable in that seat. I would also sacrifice a little on the safety rating to be comfortable. I wouldn't buy another Ford for this reason.
MilwaukeeJim 04/22/2014
I have a 2010 Taurus, and this was the worst part of that car. I was told by the salesguy that this car has a 5-star safety rating. I replied, I'd settle for a 4-star rating to move my headrests back a bit. very stupid design.
Jim 03/15/2014
On my 2012 Focus, you just push the headrest forward and it releases back to the vertical position and does not tilt forward after that.
wcroy@trentonr9.k12.mo.us C 02/28/2014
The whole safety standard is overkill.  They could allow 75mm-100mm distance as opposed to the 55mm they now use and we would be fine.  Just another by-product of over legislation due to excessive litigation.  I will look for used cars with low milage that were made before these new regulations were put into place for as long as I can.  Hopefully the laws are relaxed a bit at some point but not holding my breath.  Just another example of the government trying to protect us from ourselves.
Goldy 12/31/2013
Rented 2013 Escape for a few days. Loved every single thing about it except the forward leaning headrest on driver's seat. So uncomfortable I've decided I can't get one. I just can't stand having to jut my head forward all the time. So uncomfortable. Why can't they fix this stupid mistake. Just replace them with adjustable ones, that's all it would take and I'd drive mine off a lot tomorrow. Sad. Oh well, Chevy and Jeep, here i come for some test drives...
charles thompson 11/19/2013
I don't know which briallant engineer(s) came up with this design (my wife and I bought a 2013 Focus) but I would like them to sit for 9 hrs cross country and try to get comfortable with these head rests...  Can't be done.  I take the stupid things off on long trips.The car is great.... except for the above
Gene S 07/25/2013
I substituted the headrests in my 2012 Ford Fusion Hybrid with those from a 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid Sel. Now the Fusion is perfect.
stella s 05/14/2013
I agree that the headrest needs to have at least one more tilt position back. I find the headrest in our 2013 Escape very uncomfortable even when all the way back. If I recline the seat to make the headrest in the correct spot then I don't get the back support I need. Arrgh.
JP 05/02/2013
The head restraints on my 2013 Mustang are adjustable (not like the forward pointing ones on my wife's 2010 Fusion). Pull the headrest all the way forward and release it and it will go back to almost verical. You can then move it forward a click at time to fit your seating position. Not sure, but would hope rest of Ford vehicles these.
Peggy 04/15/2013
I was going to buy a 2013 Mustang. I am very short and I felt the head restraint was very uncomfortable. Because of that I didn't buy the car. I want to enjoy driving my car not get a pain in the neck every time I drive it. Thanks a lot, Ford. NOW FIX IT
Dale W 02/09/2013
This would be so important for me! I have a new 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid and I mostly really like it. The one thing is the headrests, which make my neck hurt! I didn't notice during the test drives. I think if they were just 1/2" further back I would be fine, I want to really love this car, but the pain in my neck is killing me.
Susan W 10/26/2012
I too hate the new headrests and wanted to buy a new 2013 Ford Focus, but due to the headrests didn't.
I also have comfort issues with the tilt of the headrest in my 2010 Fusion. Adjustable tilt or even an option to purchase aftermarket replacments that meet safety requirements without the significant discomfort inducing angle would be great. Bending the metal posts does raise safety concerns - I don't want the headreast to be compromised if/when it would really be needed.
Stacey 10/08/2012
I agree on the adjustable comment. Having to bend the rods is a pretty extreme solution, but I would do it. The headrest forward-tilt is very uncomfortable and causes a lot of neck pain.
Robert H 09/21/2012
I agree about the head rests, they are really annoying. Bending them is a good idea, I may give that a try.
Brad B 08/07/2012
Hey Ford ! I had a friend remove the head rest and slightly bend the two rods back, this gave me about an extra 1/4". It made a difference to this 6 ft. 3" driver.
Andy B 07/24/2012
I'm 5'7 and also have this problem. perhaps if they were built to be adjustable drivers and passengers could be more comfortable