Head Lights & Other Lights

By Mike C.

1) There are times when you drive at night in a very dark rural area I could use a head light that is more powerful than just the High Beams.  In the last three years I have hit two deer at night. This caused a lot of damage and was expensive for me and my Insurance Company.
So, I would like to see: Low Beam, High Beam & Country Beam.

2) I would like to see brighter turn siginal lights on the front. During the day the front blinker light is not that visable.

3) For Safety: I would love to see every Ford made with running lights.
                        It would give you that little extra edge in seeing a car.
                        I see many drivers that don't turn on their lights when it is
                        raining, foggy, dusk or in a tunnel. Running lights would
                        solve this problem. 
Curt S 05/18/2014
very good ideaa