Hazard light switch standardized across all Ford/Lincoln models.

By Jim S.

Accident Avoidance and Driver Assist Technologies with a focus on ease of use: Standardize placement of hazard light switch across all Ford/Lincoln models and years.

Imagine you are driving your wife/husband/son or daughter's Ford/Lincoln car/truck/suv/cuv on a dark raining night and need to put the hazard lights on quickly. Kids screaming.  Seconds count. Now imagine that this action requires little thought and looking and you are instead concentrating on the emergency at hand.

Elizabeth O 03/21/2014
I drive a 2013 ford edge.    Today as I hit longa sheet of ice on the freeway, I tried to find the hazard switch......to no avail until my passenger finally found it.   Behind us cars were spinning left and right and I had no way to send an alert.    The hazard switch is so tiny, I think ford should take a long hard look at this design.    Thank The Lord we weren't hit, but no thanks to this weak design.