Great Idea for Child Safety That Has Not Yet Been Utilized

Application for Smartphones/Car Equipment (Technology) Suggestioms:

I've noticed that many motor(car) companies offer applications that can be sync via car to smartphone, downloaded to smartphones for a particular cost, or as a vehicle equipment (technology) upgrade for a specified cost.

I've also noticed a rise in child death resulting from children being accidentally left in cars that become either too hot or too cold.

My suggestion is: A car and smartphone synced technology (for a specified price)/An Application that can be downloaded (for a specific price) to a smartphone from the maker's (Android/iPhone) application market/A vehicle upgrade (for a specific price) - All with technology to prevent child death from accidentally being left in a hot car or car that is too cold. I watch this on the news all of the time.

The first option listed, ideally, is the best. Where both car and smartphone function for the safety feature.

I know Ford would BENEFIT FINANCIALLY from this and Ford's REPUTATION FOR SAFETY AND TECHNOLOGY would SKYROCKET even higher than it is now.

I know you have IT/technical employees that would know EXACTLY how to implement my presented idea.


I know in most, if not ALL new(er) Ford/Lincoln cars, their is a weight detection in the front seats for airbag safety.
Why not implement that in the backseats as well? (For customers choosing this option)

In addition, if any weight is detected, perhaps something to detect body heat/any motion inside car/and heat of air inside car? (Of course the car would initially be OFF for this)

This would be used to detect if a small child/child/person/animal has been left in the car, if the temperatures are hazardous to health and could possibly cause death or serious ailments (too hot/too cold).

If that situation is detected, the car could call the smartphone and leave an automated message stating that the temperature is dangerous (too hot/cold) for the child/person/animal in car. Ideally, this would be for babies/small children who have the highest death rate in these situations.
It would call the smartphone several times and if no phone pickup occurs within an alloted amount of time and the car has not been unlocked (or possible added buttons in car to certify child/person(s)/animal in vehicle is not safe, the vehicle would AUTOMATICALLY turn on the Air Conditioning (AC) (if the car is too hot) or the Heat (if the car is too cold) if this goes on for some time or the car runs out of gas/way to provide AC/heat, the vehicle alarm system/car alarm would start going off, perhaps in a different manner than the normal security system for the vehicle/ OR the vehicle could contact police with an automated message stating the situation and GPS location of the vehicle. (Remember, this all may sound ridiculous but it WILL save lives, not to mention financially HELP Ford/Lincoln significantly, boost Ford/Lincoln perceived safety/technology by the public, as well as actually boosting it and skyrocketing the reputation of Ford/Lincoln even higher than it already is.

Please consider my idea.

Whether I am given credit/financially benefit from it- Please USE MY IDEA.

Thank You,
Ginger Brooks
Richard G 12/02/2012
Seems like a bad idea. I will not get into the issues with implementation and detection of human/animals without false positives. Beyond that it seems to encourage this irresponsible behavior.