grab handle

By Bill C.

Keep driver side grab hanle in the Super Duty and add them to the 150. I need them to enter and the only light duty truck to have them is the Dodge. I need a light duty truck to use as a car.
Carl D 01/19/2014
Thank you Ford for now having a driver's side grab handle in the new 2015 F-150! You just won a new customer.
Carl D 09/05/2013
I wish Ford would install this on their F-150 as this is the only thing preventing me from buying one as grabbing the steering wheel causes wear on the steering column.
Joseph M 08/23/2013
A grab bar on the drivers side is a Very Good Idea! Instead of using the steering wheel to help get in and out, you would have a solid grab bar. I have a 1999 F150, that I am going to have to replace the steering column assembly due towear & tear from pulling on it to get in.