Glare from trim

By Joye L.

I have a 2012 Ford Focus. I love it and have gotten up to 42 mph highway. But the interior design has led to some surprising safety issues which I would like to point out. The shiny chrome trim on the steering wheel, dashboard and stick shift reflect sunlight when the sun is low in the sky (as it is here in winter) and even though I always wear sunglasses, I have had to drive with my hand over that portion of the steering wheel to keep from being blinded from the glare. This is something your engineers might want to address on future models. Thank you.
Troy T 02/28/2012
This is actually an easy fix, although I don't think it's a engineering problem. It falls on the final design department. If they would use a brushed aluminum finish instead of polished chrome it would greatly reduce the glare issue and still have the same visual effect they where going for.