FX4 offroad unbeatable for ice and snow - bring back in Expedition

We have a 2003 and a 2005 Expedition, both with AdvanceTrac, and live in an area with snow and ice. The 2003 has the FX4 off road package and even though it has more mileage and does not have the fancy features (heated seats). I always choose the FX4 when it is slick or snowy. Besides having the undercarriage protection to keep it from getting caught up on rocks off-road, that package makes it incredibly safe to drive in town before the plows get out or anytime it is icy. Ive driven both Expeditions in icy mountain conditions and never slide with the FX4 package. Please bring back at least one year of Expedition with the FX4 package so I can buy a new truck. My old one is nearing 200,000 but I prefer it to a brand new one with no FX4. I believe other parents would want this level of safety and control for areas with winter weather if they knew the difference FX4 makes. Anyone that needs to be out before the plows or in extreme conditions (getting to work at the hospital when the streets are impassable to other vehicles?) would appreciate this vehicle. Please bring it back and let your sales folks know it is not just for off-road enthusiast, the Expedition with FX4 is a seriously safe vehicle for any kind of winter condtions, especially in the mountains. The Expedition with AdvancTrac is great, but the FX4 package is far superior.