fun horn

I think Ford should come up with two horns. 1. the Traffic Horn. (as is) and the second one a "happy" horn. One that drivers can use to say hello to friends, let the driver ahead know that the light has changed or other not urgent messages. One day it might even be like a ringtone that they can change. The purpose of it is a light beep versus a long loud honk so that when you are just saying "Hi" to someone, that people don't freak thinking somethings wrong. The same happy horn could be used for remote key locks. People are becoming numb to horns or paniced when they shouldn't be, neither of which is really safe.
Fred Golden 09/22/2011
I like the idea of not using the horn while activating the door locks, or car locator feature.

Remember the Dodge "Road Runner" beep Beep. Sounded like the roadrunner on the cartoons from the 60's. I cute beep, floowed by a lound horn if required would give a quietier horn to say "Hi" or the light has changed, or look in your mirror, or put down the phone and drive.