Front Sensors

Front Sensors should be available on all Ford vehicles. I would like to purchase a 2012 Explorer Limited but front sensors are not available. Why are front sensors available on the 2012 Focus and not on the 2012 Explorer? It makes no sense. My first vehicle was a 1956 Ford and I have been driving Fords ever since. At least until now. Not being able to get Front Sensors on an Explorer Limited is the sole reason that I will not be purchasing one.


Michelle Nedelec 08/30/2011
Personally I find them very annoying. I know where the front of my vehicle is. I know it's going to be close to other vehicles when I get into a parking space and I know it's going to come very close to the vehicle in front of me in that parking space. I personally think having a camera show me what I might not be able to see over the hood would be more valuable. The loud stream of beeping is quite redundant.
dakota 08/17/2011
they were available for a little while for 2011. but now for 2012 they aren't anymore or yet anyway.