Front sensors for parking

Love the 2013 Taurus but why don't you have front sensors to aide parking? I park within an indoor garage and the spaces are tight. In addition, there are support poles next to the spaces. While the rear sensors and camera are very useful, given the length of the Taurus, front sensors are needed to avoid hitting objects during parking. I would easily substitute this safety feature in place of a rear window shade! You have a nice feature to help with parallel parking; however, you need to complete the technology with front parking sensor assistance.
Michael L 07/25/2012
I'd like this in the explorer...its hard to tell exactly how far away I am from something. Hit several tall curbs. I'm worried about hitting something in my garage
I have the same thought idea! I love my rear sensors on my 2010 Taurus but want them on front also. I think the sensors should be standard equipment .