Front Bumper Camera

Good afternoon,

I'm a recent purchaser of a 2013 Explorer and really like the Rear View Camera feature while backing up. It gives a very clear view of what's behind you and will help prevent backing into things.

That's great while your backing up, but what about moving forward? A lot of accidents occur from drivers not being able to properly judge the distance the vehicle is from the object in front of them. It may just be parking in front of another vehicle, a support pillar or wall, or even in their own garage.

The front view camera would come on when the vehicle is moving forward and an object is within a few feet in front of the vehicle with the same warnings as the rear view camera has.

I believe this is a safety feature that can assist in preventing accidents and help maintain insurance premiums nation wide.

Thank you for your time!!
Joe M 07/14/2014
I thought of that too but keeping the camera clean would prove to be difficult as it would collect more dirt and rain then my tailgate cam. At least beepers would do the trick. Would be nice to see a front view in my mirror though.