Forgot Baby In Car Safe

By Luis N.

1.Imagine a Buckle up baby car sit..sensor...or a hook up car sit sensor, that detect that baby still in car sit, when driver turn off car and leave car, or a light in dash show baby still In carsit.
2. If baby is forget In car, the buckle and hook up sensor will active a car alarm, and all windows in the cars will come down, and a sound from speakers, baby abord, baby abord call 911.
3. In hot weather, tempeture in car rise up to 120 degrees in 30 minutes.
4 I live in PR, yesterday another baby get kill, because his father forgot him in car sit, he was 6 month old.

Luis N 03/28/2013
This sensor acting together with doors sensors, will be an input signals, in digital electronic 0/1 logic states alarm or car computer, you just need to configurate a logical states that will determine if a childs still in car after any door is open and buckle up sensor still logic state closed, this sensor will work and act together with a doors switchs, this sensors working together will send a input signal to an alarm or computer, will determine if child still in carsit, after receive input signals.