Ford's new turn signal!

I own a 2013 Ford Explorer Limited and like many others; I continually activate the high beams when using the turn signal. I recommend either a push or pull to activate high beams, not both. This would allow the driver to do the opposite (push/pull) when activating the two position turn signal and eliminate accidentally activating the high beams. In its current design its a nuisance for the operator of the ford but more importantly a "potential" distraction for all other drivers that could result in a car accident. I hope this suggestion gets "Immediate" attention.
John Y 01/31/2013
I have come to the point that I drive very little because of the inconsiderate drivers. They may not use the headlights but the fog lights when there is no fog. If they in fact are using the headlights they will no dim them when coming at you or behind you, they have to be right up on your tail as if they are going to get there faster, I have had to pull off the road or brake check them to get them to back off. I will not even get into the use of turn signals which for the most part have no need anymore; I’m guessing they are just lazy of having to use some effort in informing someone they will be turning left or right.
Kurtis S 12/30/2012
Benito, I agree with you about this problem. However, I'd like to see the hi beam switch back on the floor on the left like it used to be. In an automatic, the left foot never had anything to do. I never could see why car manufacturers ever moved the switch to the column.