Ford Vehicles Police Safe

We h ad a police officer lose his life lose his life doing his job. The Willoughby officer was enroute to a officer needing assistance at a local hospital. Lights and Siren were on per local news media. It was dark and rainy , for whatever reason ,he lost control . He was cut out of the vehicle, taken to the exact hospital he was in route to. The Hero just doing his job lost his life, our sympathy to his wife and daughter 2 1/2 years old may he rest in peace. Thank You. My suggestionwhy can you not make a police cruiser safe . Lets assume no bench seat in front a bucket with a full crash and roll cage.The officer swerved barely hit a pick up, which caused him 2 loose control and t boned a tree,with a direct hit in driver door. Over thelast few days i have taken interest on tires these officers are driving on, bad lookin the ones i have seen. Ok now full roll cage with BFG tko all weather tires. My son had them , on his big 3/4 ton truck. They are the best tire i ever road on. surely we can build a safe police vehicle. Thanx JIMSPELIC WILLOWICK,OHIO 440 516 1585 . 2 YEARS BACK THE EXACT SAME THING. RAIN DRIVER DOOR EUCLID POLICE OFFICER T BONED A SIGN HE WAS IN A CHRYSLER VEHICLE. HE ALSO DID NOT SURVIVE.