Ford Tailgates Chip

My name is Jerry Calloway I own a 2012 F350, 2002 f250 and f150. Here in the State of California there is a wide spread of stealing of truck tailgates.
All the new F series come with a reverse camera and the sync tracking mechanism/functionality. I recommend adding a tracking chip in the tailgate that is linked to sync. The chip will be activated if the tailgate is removed without the key.

The reason for my recommendation is I could not leave my truck at Sunrise Ford for service due the tailgate thefts at the dealer ship or leave it anywhere. I recommend that Ford be the front runner in fixing this theft issue. The chip will work with the same program so if the tailgate become disconnected from the truck it automatically alarm security and it instantly start tracking.
Pat H 01/11/2013
The locks on out trucks, all the way around, are effective in protecting us from vandals only. Real thieves can break into the doors, tailgate and hood. I am not sure how to fix this. Maybe insurers and repairers shouldn't allow the use of unverified used parts.
brad a 01/05/2013
What if you locked your tailgate with the key before leaving it. Are they breaking the handles to steal the gates, or just taking the easy ones?