Ford Explorer Cargo Cover

By Ty J.

We just bought a new 2013 Ford Explorer Limited and it has almost everything, except a cargo cover for the back. People steal out of cars all the time and this is an important part of hiding your stuff when shopping.

Please add an easy to snap in/out cargo cover like the one on the little C-Max car.

We have three rows. Place it behind the 2nd row and make it either usable only when the 3rd row is down or make it so you can move it and use it even when the 3rd row is up. Either way... please add some sort of cargo cover. The one on the site is terrible and seems like an after thought.
Cheryl 07/11/2014
I agree with the comments how poorly this cargo cover is designed. I have a 2013 Explorer and have been unable to figure out how to use the cover correctly, I usually just throw it over the items. I don't want to add velcro to the sides of my interior and when I ordered the cover with my new Explorer I thought if was one of the roll type, like a shade. It's awful and I would not recommend this. I cannot find a site that shows how it should be put in correctly. I agree, don't waste your money.
Sonny L 01/06/2013
You can modify the existing cover by removing the side flaps and using the velcro strips from each section; use one piece as the anchor (glue to side interior trim). Fits snuggly and easily removed. Tore the end of mine trying to remove from trim. Present design is poor.
John Witzell 11/11/2012
I ordered the cargo cover when I ordered my 2013 Ford Explorer was a waste of money....after thought is certainly an apt 2002 Ford Escape and my 2008 Ford Explorer both had the window shade style and they were great....I am still surprised at how poorly this cover was designed after my experience with earlier definitely looks like someone went Oh....wait...we need a cargo cover...very ill designed and fails very quickly....elastic bands over the rear seat headrests? Then plastic "catches for the sides that pull on the interior trim....and one of them deformed so that it won't catch....I haven't found any after market solution either...