Focus ST headlight LEDs should light when in Autolamp mode

The LED signature lights are one of the reasons I picked the ST3 package for my ST. I was surprised to find out that the only way to turn them on without turning on the HIDs is to put the light switch in the first position (parking, instrument, etc.). I personally like the autolamp setting because it manages the lights and will integrate them to the wipers (which is a law in our state). I was expecting to see the LEDs on when the autolamp was on and the car ignition is on. I mentioned it to my dealer and they agreed that request made sense and they attempted to access the programming. Apparently, they could not change the behavior of the lights.
So I'm asking ST product management to reconsider the way the LEDs lights are programmed and make it possible for the dealer to make the changes.
Don C 01/02/2014
Why aren't HID's standard on the Focus and Fiesta ST's I am looking at bothe to me a cummuting car, so I won't put a ton of miles on my 2011 Mustang GT. I want HID's and partial leather recaros, but no you can't order either of these ST's like that. Infact the Fiesta ST can't even be ordered with HID's. So gues I will have to go to another company for my comuter vehical
Aaron S 12/29/2013
I just bought a '14 Focus ST and the LEDs operate the same way. Tsk, tsk, Ford. Disappointing - now I'll have to modify my vehicle by installing relays to force the LEDs to operate the way they should have from day one.
Zach P 04/17/2013
This is obviously an error, and it better be fixed for the 2014 model year... You can't advertise "LED signature lighting" and not have them work...
Alan 04/08/2013
Same issue on the new MKZ. They have the new led accent lights and they only come on at night. How idiotic. There is a reason that virtually every other manufacturer allows this by default. THEY LOOK GOOD AND ARE MORE SAFE!!!!
Brett G 04/02/2013
I'll thumb up your comment. I was pretty mad when I found out the LEDs wouldn't light in Autolamp mode.
Tyler H 01/31/2013
I submitted my own post on this as well. I completely agree; I really wish it could be an option for us to have the dealer enable.
Aaron B 01/28/2013
I was disappointed to see that the LED's were not DRL's. I find it funny that Ford Parts offers an Ford Genuine LED strip for the regular focus that can then be used as DRL's yet my ST3 is incapable of such thing....
Dwane K 12/29/2012
I was genuinely surprised the LED's do not serve as DRL's. I'd like to see Ford allow dealers to turn them on at the customers request. Can't imagine why all Focus ST's don't come this way standard from the factory !
Dustin M 12/27/2012
Ford is having such huge oversights lately. Their design teams are not on top of their game. Aka the new Fusion and Escape. If LED's are used, they should be on all the time. Not just for show.
Unreal R 12/22/2012
This seems like such a giant oversight on the part of Ford engineers. You should definitely be allowed to have the LEDs on even when the headlights and taillights are off.