Fiesta Automatic Headlights as standard option

I love my new 2013 Ford Fiesta and my 2003 Ford Escape and there is one feature on my Escape that should be on all cars and that is automatic headlights that come on when there is not much light.

This is a safety feature for both my Fiesta, others cars on the road and pedestrians who I'm coming toward. If all cars had them then the cost would be less than if it were an option.
If you can't/won't install them on every car then put wiring in place where I can change out the standard rearview mirror with one that had the needed photosensor, light and switches along with a module that could be plugged into the wiring harness so Automatic Dimming Headlight feature could be added to the car.
If you did this for all Ford vehicles it would even be cheaper and a great selling option.

As I said, I just love this feature on my 2003 Ford Escape Limited...