F-150 Bed Light Gasket

The rear bed light (above the back window) on a new Ford F-150 truck has no gasket to prevent the rain from leaking in between the lense and the frame and in time casung corrosion.

I have made a gasket from a bicycle innertube, which is crude at best, but it appears to work. Better than water getting in.
I would love to get a flat 1/8" black rubber gasket material from ford, that is cut to fit the rear light lense, so it would be a much better fit.  
Is that possible?

I love my 2014 Red Ford Lariat F-150, its awesome!  Purchased from Elder Ford in Tampa from Jeff Godsell, terrific salesman!  Service has been unbelievable.

As good as Ford is, I can't imagine this big of an oversight.
Is a gasket available??

Perry M 06/26/2014
I've noticied water getting in there on other Fords but never thought about adding a gasket. great idea!